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Sound Designer


GD58/PG18 Terminal Velocity Trailer


As a sound professional, fundamentally I require a competitive and motivated personality to continually be inventive and focused in a creative field.  I achieve success by focusing on not only supporting the visuals at hand but the story that sound can tell by itself. Therefore, the viewer is not only left with a memorable visual experience but an auditorial one as well.

My first introduction to sound design started about seven or eight years ago as an interest in electronic music. I would create synthesized sounds using many virtual synthesizers and effects for songs that I would produce in Ableton Live. Now, I have completed my Vancouver Film School Diploma in Sound Design For Visual Media and have 4 years at the University of Lethbridge's Digital Audio Arts Program. Between the two programs, I have learned a variety of skills in audio, such as recording, editing, mixing, implementing, programming and mastering with the use of Protools, MAX, Ableton, Wwise, FMOD and Logic Pro X. I took classes in audio specialization, acoustics, synthesis, scoring for film and visual media, composition, classical demo recording, game development and sound designing. However, Vancouver Film School's Sound design for visual media program is where I truly polished my skills to focus on the Film and Video Game fields, I learned the fundamentals of Wwise, Fmod, Unity and Unreal Engine's blueprint system to translate my skills into that medium. 



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